Back at Hollins U!

The best part of summer, tied only with living by Lake Dunmore, is teaching in the Children’s Book Illustration Program at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA.

The drive down Interstate 81 from Front Royal as I gradually entered the embrace of the Appalachian chain, braiding strands of low peaks through Virginia, made my spirit lift.arrival

Arriving on campus, picking up my keys, and taking a quick selfie at the Children’s Literature signpost made me feel instantly immersed. How do you get to An Old House in Paris, Woodcock Pocket, or Roxaboxen? Why, in a children’s picture book, of course!

homeawayfromhomeNext, moving into my apartment, home away from home for 6, intense, summer weeks.


Now, swimming Tula in Carvin Creek–swollen with recent thunderstorms.

lowsunThen walking the campus, so groomed and lovely, lying quietly on the evening of the last day before classes begin-waiting.

primarycolorsAnd finally, establishing my office in the Art Building-pimped out in a primary palette scrounged from the supply and prop closets, with help from decorator and friend: Professor Dulemba.

Let classes commence!

6 thoughts on “Back at Hollins U!

  1. deb from brooklyn says:

    Love these photos; the lighting is perfect. Tula looks copacetic. All’s well at Hollins. I’ll be here when you are here.


  2. So happy to know that you and Sweet Tula have arrived safely. Wish I could be there for all the craziness (and fun). Hollins is such a special place…once it takes hold of your heart, it never lets you go. Looking forward to seeing you soon. xoxox


  3. Tony Farris says:

    I have many relatives in Roanoke and Salem. My Mom grew up on a farm near Blacksburg. It is a beautiful area! I spent many summers, holidays, and special occasions there. Glad you have found a way to include such a special place in your art education and illustrious career.


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