But Can the Teacher Learn?

Before I began the MATS course I was fooling around with a wet, watercolor line infused with other colors from a loaded brush. I love this fish but have never tried a whole composition this way.

The white space is the appeal.



You can see how I used this line in these little houses…


And this butterfly and rabbit


So, when the assignment was to design a plate, I went for a folk art look, with a chocolate colored ground to make it seem appetizing! The design is old fashioned, though it involved a great deal of newly learned Photoshop  coloring and layering!

If I didn’t have the great good fortune of having Elizabeth Dulemba as a teaching colleague at Hollins, I’d never have been able to manage this level of digital prowess.


I continued to try and improve how I presented the whole package. Here is my final design.


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