Full Circle with Baby Bear Counts One: Part 1

Making a book is a long road.  

The idea, the writing, the revisions, the further revisions, the submission, the offer, the contract, the negotiation, the signing, the dummies, the finishes, the year of waiting…

And it came to a satisfying, and timely, conclusion for me yesterday. 

I got my finished, bound book in the mail…BBCOFinishedBook-web

…along with a super sweet note from my editor, Andrea Welch, at Beach Lane Books

Every book begins somewhere and mine began visibly with the 1st dummy.

It will change enormously, but page 2-3 started out looking like this on my 1st thumbnail storyboard.


I enlarged that little thumbnail and experimented with adding the text.BBCO2-3-type

But the text seemed squashed so I shifted the bears around,


But now, to make the story fit, I had to leave space on page 2 for the copyright and dedication.


So the final composition sketch looked like this.


And the finished print like this!

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