Full Circle with Baby Bear Counts One: Part 5

You’ve seen cattails, right? They are in many roadside wetlands and frankly, they don’t look that appetizing.


catailsBut, according to a site called Eat The Weeds , the Cattail is such a useful plant that “It is said that if a lost person has found cattails, they have four of the five things they need to survive: Water, food, shelter and a source of fuel for heat—the dry old stalks. The one item missing is companionship. ”

Since they already have a cozy den, plenty of water and each other for companionship,  Mama and Baby Bear are digging the starchy roots to add to their Getting-Ready-for-Winter diet.


It is a muddy job and the Cub leaves the work to Mama Bear


While he pays attention to noises coming from beyond the reeds.

What could they be?  Stayed tuned for Part 6…



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