SkADaMo: struggling

When I am struggling with a book dummy I tend to draw a lot, and care very little about each drawing.  By throwing down a lot I may get one good bit.

The gist of this page is my attempt to simplify the face of a young model, drawn carefully at bottom. When I carve her face in linoleum it will need just a few marks to indicate eyes, nose, and mouth and I am trying to pare her down to the minimum needed.

The darn airplane has to be in there too. But they will each inhabit their own picture ‘plane’ in the finish!airplane&girl

8 thoughts on “SkADaMo: struggling

    • Hi Joanne,

      I often create a character based 1st on imagination and then on a real person or animal.Having a model helps a lot. Even then, I always keep all my artwork handily nearby so that I can refer to little details of dress, coloring and hairstyle every time I show them. I use a ton of visual reference, my own photos and ones I’ve collected. And finally I “proof read” the final illustrations and get others to do it too, so I don’t miss anything…and I ALWAYS do miss some things!


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