Life with Dogs-Part 5: Two Children, no Dog

It was amazing how easy it was for Pumpkin to love babies when she didn’t have to live with one.babyRoweb

A few months after the visit to Mesa Verde, Rowan was born. Pumpkin was happily living at Camp Stoneledge with my mom and never knew she needed to be jealous all over again. ash&roinfant

Suddenly my canine alter ego enjoyed having two little boys around as much as I did.


But more peace at home didn’t mean all was right with the world. The adventure continues…


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14 thoughts on “Life with Dogs-Part 5: Two Children, no Dog

    • I do love your post, Tony. I, too, am a transplant, like many San Franciscans. I moved here from Vermont in NEW England 34 years ago, and still feel most at home in Bernal.


      • Thank you, Ashley! Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely (barring a massive lottery win) we will ever be permanently domiciled in San Francisco, but we certainly intend to spend as much time as possible there in the future (we can do no more than three months at a time – but that’s a start!). Thanks too for accepting my FB friend request. Look forward to chatting more in the future!


  1. I hear you, Tony. Artists and writers and regular people still live in Bernal because many of us bought back in the 80s and 90s when this was considered a rough patch of SF. I’m sure you’d have liked it then too, as it had the trees and the fun houses, but it wasn’t the gentrified place we ‘enjoy’ today.


    • Indeed. And the worst thing with tragedies such as this is that the authorities never seem to get to the bottom of what actually happened, and whether there was any real culpability. The resentment and argument, therefore,drags on for years. Let’s hope that this is not the case with the Nieto death.


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