Dia de los Muertos

A year ago I lost my beloved Tula to lymphoma-@*&%$#@Cancer!



I was hit by the triple whammy of mourning, autumn and the dreaded “Falling Back!”

It was dark, rainy and cold.

So what does an artist do to raise her spirits?

Paint skeletons!


My 1st painting was done in acrylic on an old board with appliqued, dried, ferns.

I painted several memorial images of Tula, and other dogs and cats.




The ghost of Seabiscuit


Northern Pike


The solstice sheep

This year my Dia de los Muertos altar will be packed with color and light to honor my beloved dead.

Los Pajaros Amados-SkaDaMo/2014

The Beloved Birds

My Dia de los muertes journey has led down some side roads. I found El Pajaro on one of these. I am always drawn to images with a printmaking quality so I adapted this iconic Loteria pictogram image into my Los Pajaros Amados.



The owl and the raven

Remembering the beloved dead~SkaDaMo2014

Remembering the dead has always been hard for me.

My latest loss coincided with Halloween and Dia de los Muertes and that has made it oddly easier to bear. I had a ready outlet for art therapy.

DayoftheDeadweb  Diadelosmuertesweb

I began by memorializing Tula, and then, needing even more therapy, I moved on to Georgie and Chihiro, and Queen of Heaven.


The blazing hot palette set me free.

queen   deadkitty

Finally I painted this regal, reclining cat.


May they all find a home in the Happy Hunting Ground