At Julie Anna’s House

Julie Anna is my Grand Niece.

She is two.


She is going to be a big sister.

Her baby sister is due around the New Year, and Julie Anna is moving into a new room between now and then.

Her new room is pretty plain at the moment.

The walls are blank and boring, so I painted a mural for Julie Anna.

I called it Julie Anna’s House.

Step one: To get my client onboard, I let her handle my tools.


Step two: Get some paint on the wall. Use sheets to keep the rest of the wall reasonably clean.


Step Three: Add loads of little details for your client to stare at as she goes to sleep at night, or is failing to take her nap.


Step four: Show your client the finished mural and see if she approves.


Step five: Give her a hug and wish her luck as a big sister. It is a wonderful thing to be.

Update: Julie Anna’s Daddy installed chair Rail and painted. Her Mommy Karen painted an old desk in purple with a white overcoat and distressed it. Her room is really coming together.


Further update: Baby sister Karla Whitney Wurzinger was born on 12/30/13 and already has found a good place to be, on big sister Julie Anna’s lap.


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Finding Nemo in Vermont

“Superstorm” Nemo bore down on the North East last week, accompanied by some truly scary hype. In the end Connecticut and other coastal areas did get hammered, but Central Vermont got away with a mere 6 inches. During the storm I ventured out to the old farm on South Street Extension where I learned to ride and care for horses back in the 1960s. Back then, it was owned by a rather odd woman named Doris Eddy. She taught everyone everything and was a very no-nonsense sort of person.

Doris is gone now, but someone runs the old farm and lots of horses are still there.  They were all out in the pastures near the road, covered in coats and eating hay, while the snow quietly piled up on every flat surface.