SkADaMo: Circling my character

My new character is a girl, about 6, with dark hair and eyes, long braids, and just a little on the stocky side.

She has a hat covered with souvenir pins, a few from her adventures and more from her hiking grandma. She wears a couple of friendship bracelets, and has a keychain or two hanging from her backpack zippers.

When I “invent” a character, I use  elements of memory and imagination, then try to bring those into the real world of contemporary childhood.

Some aspects of childhood remain constant through history but every era adds its own overlay of style and technology. My struggle today is to create a character who is both timeless and today.


One who won’t look too quaint if this book is in print in 20 years–or 50, fingers crossed!girl_2:web

SkADaMo: struggling

When I am struggling with a book dummy I tend to draw a lot, and care very little about each drawing.  By throwing down a lot I may get one good bit.

The gist of this page is my attempt to simplify the face of a young model, drawn carefully at bottom. When I carve her face in linoleum it will need just a few marks to indicate eyes, nose, and mouth and I am trying to pare her down to the minimum needed.

The darn airplane has to be in there too. But they will each inhabit their own picture ‘plane’ in the finish!airplane&girl