Life with Dogs- Part 3: Introducing the Dog to the Baby

brennanbabyThough Pumpkin is holding THE BABY, I actually gave birth to him.


Pumpkin was not happy.

She had never liked children and , while still loyal to me, she had nothing to say to the little stranger in our midst.


The eyes say it all.

Nevertheless, I pretended that she liked Brennan and that they got along fine, or at least okay.


Pumpkin was allowed to express my conflicted feelings about motherhood–with humor and no sniveling.



But it was obvious that they were never going to be friends.


Meanwhile, over in Bookland, they have started appearing together too. in Block City, by Robert Louis Stevenson, still pregnant Ashley climbs the stairs.  Brennan, now born, holds my cape. Pumpkin looks on.


Maybe they’ll be friends here…


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